The smart Trick of 英文上門補習 That Nobody is Discussing

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觀塘, 牛頭角, 九龍灣, 彩虹, 鑽石山, 黃大仙, 土瓜灣, 紅磡, 九龍塘, 石硤尾, 黃埔, 油麻地, 尖沙咀, 旺角, 佐敦, ***九龍西***, 葵興, 葵芳, 大窩口, 荔景, ***公眾地方***

初中數學(英文卷), 初中數學(中文卷), 高中數學(英文卷), 高中數學(中文卷), 物理(英文卷), 物理(中文卷), 生物(英文卷), 生物(中文卷), 化學(英文卷), 化學(中文卷)



鍘魚涌, 北角, 銅鑼灣, 金鐘, 中環, 上環, 西半山, 堅尼地城, 香港大學, 西營盤, tutor 觀塘, 牛頭角, 彩虹, 鑽石山, 將軍澳, 調景嶺, 坑口, 寶琳

跑馬地, 大坑, 銅鑼灣, 灣仔, 中半山, 金鐘, 中環, 上環, 堅尼地城, 香港大學, 西營盤

Spots of hoshū jugyō kō in tutor Europe (People of blue dots have academics sent from Japan when These of inexperienced dots usually do not – These of pink dots have teachers from Japan and therefore are clickable – orange dots do not have academics from Japan, but are clickable) – tutor Take note: the European Global educational institutions with Japanese sections are usually not provided on this map for Area factors



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